not in use_info4Reef_The Great Barrier Reef is Dying

"Do we really care so little about the earth that we don't want to protect one of its greatest wonders from the consequences of our behaviour" - David Attenborough

There is one creature, without which the reef could never exist - coral. Coral provides the basis of all life on the reef. Corals are naturally resilient, having been evolving to adapt to higher temperatures for thousands of years. But change which previously occurred over millennia, is now happening in decades. At this rate, there is no adaption, only destruction. 
The Great Barrier Reef has been devastated with back-to-back "bleaching events" in 2016 and 2017. Consecutive "bleachings" like this has never happened before. Climate experts predict that in the coming decades the conditions causing mass bleaching are going to become more frequent, until eventually they happen every summer.
However, the ecosystem is dynamic. There are inherently forces building to protect it, that are battling the forces tearing it down. With global warming, humans have sided against the world's coral, at unprecedented levels. Some damage is inevitable, and much has occurred already, but the battle isn't over. It's not too late for us to switch sides. 
                                                 WHAT CAN WE DO