In alliance with Sustainable Coastlines 

A third of our profits from NZ go to the Coast.
Their work goes to the heart of protecting New Zealand's iconic coastlines and waterways.  

Looking after what people love.


New Zealand's iconic coastlines are known for being untouched and as some of the most beautiful stretches the world has to offer. Like anywhere humans live, rubbish follows and is endangering the beauty of the coast, as well as the habitat it provides for a rich marine life.

We think this is worth protecting and hope you feel the same way.

Why we care.

New Zealand's coasts make it truly unique. Sustainable Coastlines have two programmes, 'Love Your Coast' targeting marine litter and 'Love Your Water' focusing on freshwater restoration. 

Making a real impact.

We are an official supporter of Sustainable Coastlines who take a 'roll your sleeves up' approach to achieve results that make a huge difference. Since 2008 SC have removed nearly 1.5 million litres of rubbish from NZ beaches, with the help of over 90,000 volunteers.

Community spirit.

Sustainable Coastlines directly involve the local communities in all their work - bringing together locals across New Zealand, volunteers from varied demographics, councils, government, NGOs, businesses and schools to unite over a common cause.

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